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June 9th 2006:

Just thought you sholud all know that Force Mass Motion will be apperaing at the EGG club, Kings cross on Friday the 9th June 2006.

October 3rd 2005:

Now completed a MONSTER mix for James Harcourt's new TWISTED FREQUENCY RECORDINGS. The track is "Feel Me" by "Brisker and Magitman". For more information visit the guys at Twisted Frequency Recordings.

August 29th 2005:

The release of the long awaited follow up single on LOT49 will be available on the 10th of October from your record stores. "Out of it" and "Skyline" is set to be a huge single for the label. The promo package and release sheet will be posted here as soon as its available.

August 14th 2005:

I have just added the two new HUGE releases on the releases page. I am also currently working on a follow up to the currently released "I Need You" for Critical Mass Records and the latest singles have already made their way over to CSI, the TV show, for licensing. Watch this space...

February 9th 2005:

Ok, great! Its all up and running. I'll be getting all the relevant info into the pages but they all work and my contact details are there now for you all. More to follow

February 8th 2005:

Alot has changed over the years and this site has not been kept up to date as much as it should have been! Regular visitors, I'm really sorry, between the studio and gigs, I never seem to get the time to keep on top of the updates. In future I'll try and change this as much as possible.... And I bet you've heard all that before, right...!?